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Sunday, September 07, 2008 @ 9:30 pm

Dear Blogger,

I am so exhausted! I stopped at 8 rakaat for terawih prayers because I couldn't stop yawning. No point forcing myself to complete all 20 rakaat if all I could think about was my bed. I guess the shopping and cooking today has taken its toll on my body.

I made Laksa Penang by the way. Mother said it tasted and looked more like Laksa Johor. Didn't matter. I still made Laksa.

Mother and I went to Geylang Serai again this morning to collect my rugs. We bought groceries at the wet market first. Mother bought lots of fish and seafood.

Since this wasn't a supermarket, I was stumped at the types of fishes. I didn't know what was what! I think I'll stick to buying fish at the supermarket.

I also didn't like how some of the fish sellers had cigarettes dangling off their lips while handling the fishes. I thought it was inconsiderate and unhygenic.

I think the fishes have been polluted enough in the sea while alive. They don't need to be subjected to more pollution when about to be bought for the dinner table.

We met some relatives and friends at the market. Geylang Serai is after all the Malay community epicentre. If ever Geylang Serai was swallowed up by Earth, the Malays in Singapore would be at a loss.

I think constructing a shopping mall in the heart of the area spoils the look and feel of the place. I'll bet it'll be just like any other malls in Singapore. How many Giordano and Hang Ten outlets do we need??? Also, do we need another First Lady outlet within walking distance???

I bought a couple more tunics before collecting my rugs. Mother bought chair pads. Really! That woman can shop!

I also ended buying a small mat from the "abang" carpet. While completing the transaction, he suddenly asked me if I drove a Mercedes Benz. I smiled and said no.

Then his Chinese boss said out loud across the floor that I must be driving a BMW. I gave out a nervous laugh because I was trying to decipher the meaning to all these questions in my head.

Then he cried out. "I knew it! First time I saw you, wah so pretty! Sure must drive expensive car one! Eh, we exchange numbers you want?"

Mother burst out laughing. All I could think about was where the hell was Ipy.


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