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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 @ 11:58 pm

Dear Blogger,

After baking and cooking for weeks, I've decided that today, I won't do any of those. Instead, I should treat myself to some shopping! And I wasn't referring to grocery shopping. I haven't gone shopping for myself in quite awhile. So it was due time that I do that.

I actually planned to buy a pair of shoes and maybe a belt and maybe some other accessories. I decided against going to Orchard Road or the Marina area because of the heavy traffic and ridiculous road charges there. Besides, the roads around Marina Centre are already closed for the F1 race!

I am as excited about this F1 race as any Man Utd supporter watching a Liverpool match. I mean, this race looks great on the tourist calendar, but as a local, it's nothing but an inconvenience.

The tickets are damn expensive! Plus, not only can't you steal a glimpse of the race from anywhere (security will be tighter than a vacuum), you can't even go to Suntec City or Marina Square or any of the buildings within that area without either being charged an extra $5 if you're taking a cab or subjected to various security checks! It's like that IMF event again!

So anyway, I thought the next better shopping haven is Vivocity. There's ample parking there and I can convert my spending for free parking. Also, the shops there are not too heartland and not too Paragon.

Now I don't know why I had to make a detour to East Coast Road before that. I had this sudden need to buy a wooden bench and I remembered this shop that sells wooden furniture there. I should have driven straight to Vivocity because I almost crashed the spoiler of the car when trying to park near the shop. I cannot even begin to tell you how insane its parking design was!

When I got out of the car to check the front, I was so sure I had damaged it. But a part of me said that the front had always looked like that and I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I stood there for a long time not because I was contemplating to send it for another body work, but because I couldn't decide if I had really damaged it or not!

Lately, I have been seeing imperfections where there were none! So this could be one of those things. My insistence on order and perfection has reached a point of obsession. Maybe I need to get my head checked!

I was so torn about the it's-there/it's-not-there damage that I actually overdosed on the shopping. Seriously! It's true that shopping is some form of therapy, because I felt much, much better afterwards. Any woman would be if she had bought not one, not two, but six pairs of shoes!

This camel patent stiletos looked so classy and I love the crystal buckles in the front! The 20% discount was great too! (From Heatwave at Harbourfront Centre)

If these came in red, they'll be so like Dorothy's from Wizards of Oz. The ribbons won me over. (From Heatwave at Harbourfront Centre)

I loved the champagne colour. I couldn't decide between the bronze above and this champagne, so I bought both! (From Heatwave at Harbourfront Centre)

These shoes looked deceptively cheap, but once worn, my feet just looked fabulous! They were perfect for my other bridal outfit! (From Anna Nucci at Harbourfront Centre)

I just had to have these pink patent stiletos! (From Anna Nucci at Harbourfront Centre)

I also had to have these femme fatale red stiletos! At about 4-5 inches high, these shoes are killers! (From Anna Nucci at Harbourfront Centre)

I wouldn't have bought this Guess bag if it didn't stop me in my tracks at Tangs. There's just something so young Hollywood about this bag (Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Hillary Duff...). This was a serious impulsive buy (it cost more than several of the shoes above) but I love it! (From Tangs)

Rainbow cornflakes cookies I made yesterday. The colourful ball sprinkles made all the difference.

Now that I'm back on earth from a shopping high, it's time for me to assess and reflect on my expenses. It's highly likely that I won't shop like this again in a pretty long time.


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