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Monday, August 18, 2008 @ 11:14 pm

Dear Blogger,

Phew! What a busy week! I'm glad I finally have time to "download" my thoughts. My brain is already overloaded with thoughts and comments of past events.

Firstly, the outdoor shoot was done. I can't remember why we opted for a pre-wedding photography in the first place. Even though it was only a half a day activity (2 hours for make-up, 2 hours for actual shoot), it was damn exhausting!

We went for outdoor shooting because we thought a studio shoot was so cliche. Besides, I felt that I could feed off the natural and positive energy from an outdoor location. Thus, posing for pictures, how ridiculous they may be, won't be so difficult for me.

Maybe there is a supermodel-wannabe in all of us. When the cameras started flashing and I got the hang of it, I didn't feel like an awkward bride-to-be. I felt like a seasoned model and even an actress, loving the cameras with my looks and poses. It's either that, or I've watched too many episodes of "America's Next Top Model".

Ipy (sans suit) and I waiting in the bridal shop for the photographer to fetch us to our shoot location

Hard-found shoes, bought the day before from Leaping Lizard at International Plaza

We had it done at the Botanic Gardens. I wrote in to the National Museum, but I couldn't use its grounds for free. How disappointing.

The afternoon sun dragged us, especially me who is wearing a very heavy satin grown. With train no less! But the trees and greenery cooled the temperature a bit.

There was a group of nursery kids there. When they saw us, they said hello and waved at us with vigour. It was just so cute of them! I think they thought I was a princess or Miss Universe or something.

There were also tourists who stopped by to congratulate us. It was embarrassing at first, but I soaked in the attention after that. I don't know about Ipy though. I think he secretly enjoyed the attention too.

Secondly, the long road to the marriage preparation certificate was finally OVER!!! After 18 hours of patience and tolerance to a compulsory government initiative that I lack faith in the very beginning, I graduated with nothing more that a piece of paper.

No doubt that some of the pointers were new, the other parts of the content were like summaries to what I've been reading for over a decade. Not only that, I've sat for courses like these in all of my tertiary education!

Financial management? If you can't afford to get married, it's not time to get married. Simple!

Conflict management? When angry, channel the energy into something else. Or don't say anything at all!

Communication? Use all six senses. Not just the mouth.

Love? Strangely, none of the facilitators wanted to attempt a definition.

However, I do enjoy the personality "enlightenment" exercises. I've always enjoyed taking personality tests anyway. Even the serious ones like Myers-Briggs!

I've a personality of an Orange - natural leader, strong-willed, doesn't need friends, among others. Ipy has a Watermelon personality - likes to strike a balance, easily contented with life and basically the opposite of my personality. See how different we are???

An Orange and a Watermelon at Ben & Jerry's, Dempsey Hill

Our Language of Love:

  1. Acts of Service
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Affirmations
  4. Gifts
  5. Quality Time
  1. Affirmations
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Quality Time
That just means that he can easily win my heart by being a gentleman (opening doors, carrying my shopping bags, helping with the household chores, etc). He, on the other hand, is easy to win over by me reassuring him of his good qualities and actions every day. Something which I find very difficult to do. I only give credit where credit is due.

Surprisingly, quality time was ranked the least of our love language. I guess Ipy spends so much time away that time has become irrelevant to us.

Lastly, we decided to just go through the registration at ROMM (Registry of Muslim Marriages) yesterday without wali and witnesses. Since my mother and my siblings have been uncooperative, and my father being sick as he is, we decided to let the system do the work for us.

What pissed me off about ROMM is not the reluctance of its officers to do the hard work, it was their inability to carry any change for financial transactions! The institution accepts NETS and cash only. Yet, certain transactions can only be paid in cash! If that is so, one expects the counter to carry change!

Imagine how embarrassing and awkward we were when told by the off-putting service officer to ask around for a change of $50. We are her customer and we have to beg other customers for change??? That was not right of her.

After that, we went upstairs for the interview session. Ipy said the officer would be asking questions about my readiness to get married. I was actually mentally prepared for tough questions like why my family wasn't here. Instead, all I was asked was my residential details. I felt so intellectually stunted.

Ipy and I at Bar-ra-cuda, Boat Quay (former Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) on Saturday night. I saw a former "friend" along the way. I chose not to acknowledge.

I think Ipy looked dashing in his new red polo tee (must constantly remind myself to affirm him at least once daily)


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