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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 @ 11:25 pm

Dear Blogger,

It's confirmed! I have two left feet when it comes to turns in dancing. I couldn't do a rock and roll turn even if my life depends on it! Maybe I've heavy buttocks. My massive posterior wouldn't allow me to do a 360 degree turn without missing a step.

I've finally found a pair of shoes to go with the bridal gown tomorrow. They weren't exactly what I was looking for, but when I've only had less than 24 hours to find a pair of shoes or go barefoot tomorrow, these shoes would do.

I was actually looking for a pair of satin shoes. Can you believe that none of the major stores and designers carry them??? I've stepped into Ferragamo, Chanel, Vuitton and Gucci and I came out disappointed.

Ooooo kay... I admit I wasn't entirely disappointed. I knew these designers don't carry satin stilettos right now, but I went in anyway because I don't think I'll ever have the chance to walk through their doors with a willing spender again.

Ipy and I tracked all other stores in Paragon, Ngee Ann City and Tangs and no satin stilettos. I can't believe I even hated shoe shopping at one point. I guess Murphy was at his tricks again. I won't be surprised if I see satin shoes on sale left, right and centre AFTER the photo shoot tomorrow.

Thanks to several shopaholic girlfriends, we found my shoes at Leaping Lizards at International Plaza. I would never have thought of shopping at the Central Business District. I guess only true blue shopaholics know where to go for everything.

By the way, the International Plaza has some other shoe shops that sell killer shoes at killer prices. I could have come home with several pairs if my giant feet weren't such a hindrance.

Anyway, my shoes weren't entirely satin. They had diamante straps with a diamante bow in the front. I have a thing for bows and ribbons. They're girly affiliation contrasts with the kick-ass heels perfectly.

I wanted a closed-toe pair but had to make do with this open-toed pair. Luckily I had gone for a pedicure yesterday. I liked the heels too. Sleek and high. Just the way I love my stilettos.

You know, after hunting high and low for a pair of bridal-worthy shoes, I wondered would the shoes matter at all, considering that they will be 98% hidden by the long bridal gown and the accompanied train? Ipy gave me this insight a few days ago, but I was too stubborn to consider it.

The shoes cost Ipy $150, but he didn't bat an eyelid. I wasn't sure if it was because he'd buy anything for his princess or because shoes that cost $150 are peanuts to him. Come to think of it, I've never seen him bought shoes that cost any less.

He also bought a pair of shoes at Walking Tall at OUB Centre. As the name suggests, Walking Tall is a shoe shop that caters to men who are vertically challenged. Its shoes aren't cheap, at least in my definition anyway. I guess what's a few hundred dollars if they can increase a man's height by 6 to 10 cm immediately right?


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