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Saturday, August 02, 2008 @ 12:18 am

Dear Blogger,

I was at Dempsey Hill tonight. I just wanted to check out what the hype was about. Whenever I drive down Napier Road towards Holland Road, I keep seeing the Long Beach Seafood sign to my left. And I thought that was Dempsey Hill.

But Dempsey Hill was more than that. The narrow two lane road through the hill was dark and a little confusing if you are new. But I must say, all that winding and turning and 3-point turns were worth it.

Dempsey Hill is like Holland Village without the chaos. Its charm lies in its genteel British aristocratic tranquility. Dempsey Hill was a British army barrack after all.

I think the only reason why this place hasn't been polluted by the youth of today is because you can't get here unless you drive! Which is a good thing I think.

The crowd that mingles here is definitely a little affluent. Very chic crowd. Something that I am comfortable to be with. Ipy just told me that I look rich. The only thing rich about me is my increasingly rounder posterior.

Oh how I wish Ipy was here. I think he would love it here. Even though he is an educated "mat", he's learning to appreciate the finer things in life. This is a wonderful place to chill out.

Harry's bar just next to Dome

I was actually at Dome, sipping ginger latte at the veranda. It proved to be a good spot because I could see people coming in at out of all the establishments occupying the three barracks up on the hill.

Ginger latte and ciggies

I wanted to call it a night after Dome, but I heard live music coming from Ben & Jerry's. There was a live band and surprise, surprise! I knew one of the performers! This band played pop rock to suit the mass appeal of Ben & Jerry's.

The classic Volkswagen "peace"van welcomes customers into Ben & Jerry's.

A live band playing at Ben & Jerry's every Friday night

How I miss Ipy. I know I don't say it very often. I don't believe saying such things often. Let my actions show how I feel. And when I do say them, it makes the words even more meaningful.

Ah damn Dempsey Hill! It makes me all romantic and gooey. The only thing that's missing, besides Ipy of course, is a full moon.

Me thinking what groceries to buy at Plaza Angsana earlier in the day

A trolley full of snacks and chips


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