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Friday, August 29, 2008 @ 4:25 pm

Dear Blogger,

I know I have been slacking on my blogging. It wasn't that I was doing it on purpose. I was either out of the house the whole day, too busy with daily chores or just suffering from writer's block. Then again, blogging shouldn't be an obligation right? Still, I believe that writing is a good stress-reliever.

Ipy flew off to Perth early yesterday morning. It was expected anyway. He had been home for close to 4 weeks already. I was so used to him being away most of the time that it felt odd having him here for more than a week. Also, it felt "different" having him by my side almost every night.

Hopefully he'll be home in time for Aidilfitri. This year is quite an important year for us. The best and quickest way to be introduced to our whole spectrum of family members is during Aidilfitri. Also, it'll be the perfect time to disseminate our wedding invitations.

A thought just struck me. This will be the last Aidilfitri that I'll be celebrating as a single woman! Come next year, I'll probably be carrying a bloated abdomen. Gosh! The thought of it all seemed so surreal.

In fact, I have been experiencing "cold feet" lately. I know that marriage is inevitable, but I guess I'm still in denial over the whole matter. The fact that every time I open my eyes, the wedding day draws nearer, is not helping my jittery nerves.

I am also at my heaviest for a very long time. For 2 years already, my weight has been on the edge of the acceptable BMI range. Now, it has just gone off course.

I would like to blame my incessant cooking and baking for my weight gain, but I know there is more to it. I haven't gained this much weight this fast since... my pregnancy! Oh God! I'm sure it's just the brownies and cakes and cookies and... right?

On a lighter note, I'm really excited about this year's Ramadan. It's a holy month yes, but my excitement is more aesthetic than religious. Now that I've a home to call my own, I am ecstatic about the possibilities of buying carpets, cushions, floral arrangement, etc. Hopefully this year's bazaar at Geylang Serai does not disappoint.


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