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Thursday, August 07, 2008 @ 5:34 pm

Dear Blogger,

Brazilian seemed to be "in" lately. First, there was the Brazilian football team flying onto our shores to acclimatise themselves to the Asian weather in a run up to the Olympic games as well as to butcher our "Lions".

Secondly, Brazilian models are everywhere! From Giselle to Adrianna. Those girls are raking in millions just by being beautiful!

Thirdly, I had a Brazilian wax this morning.

I haven't had one in many, many years! So the ripping of hairs in my nether region brought back memories of the good old days hanging out at Holland Village. It also reminded me how painful this process was.

Then again, it wasn't a pain that I couldn't tolerate. After years of a "buzz cut", the hair roots have gotten really comfortable under the skin. So, that was what made the waxing lip-biting hurtful.

I had it done at "The Beauty Room", a home salon in the east. I was a bit apprehensive to have it done at a home salon at first. There were so many health, hygiene and professionalism issues that popped into my head.

But I was pleasantly surprised that the owner was clinically professional. From the room she worked in, to the hospitality, it was better than some of the commercial salons I've been into.

Since the owner didn't have to pay for rent, I guess the savings benefited the consumer. On average, a Brazilian wax service cost about $40. She charged $25 for it. Other waxing services offered were at least 20-50% cheaper.

She also does threading, which is great! I'm a big fan of threading. So to know of this availability closer to home means no more trips to Little India. It's really quite inconvenient to get to Little India from where I am.

I was pretty satisfied in her services that I made another appointment for a full face threading and underarm waxing next week. All these, of course, were in preparation from the photo shoot next week. Who says being beautiful is easy or cheap???


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