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Sunday, July 20, 2008 @ 10:44 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy has flown off. Mother is still in denial. Father is badly neglected. Brothers are not bothered. The wedding is uncertain. Sigh... what a long soap opera my life has been.

I could feel myself losing control. I am almost in that black box again. All it takes for me to fall into that black box is just a nudge. Just a nudge and I'll be in therapy for a few more years. It seemed ages that I was living those dark years. Must I go through all that again???

To distract myself, I poured my energy in the kitchen. Conjuring culinary magic that is nowhere near to a domestic goddess. Nigella made it look oh so easy. I am not a good cook. I am a decent cook. I haven't poisoned anyone, so that makes me a decent cook.

I believe that true cooking comes from the heart, and the guts and common sense. A cookbook may help with the foundations, but what makes a cook who she is, is her little touches derived from listening to her own body.

I take large doses of liberties in my cooking. So that means, what may taste good on my taste buds may not exude the same reactions on others. To most normal people, my cooking is a tad bland. That is because I season my dishes with natural flavours instead of excessive sprinkling of salt, sugar and God forbid, MSG!

It doesn't bother me that I'm not a good cook. It doesn't deter me at all from enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cooking. Now that I have the kitchen all to myself, I am free to experiment with cooking that only a free spirit like me would appreciate.

I tried my hand at frying some noodles today. Basic fare to some. A big deal to me. My char kway teow turned out alright. Might be a bit spicy to some, but I like spicy. Spicy keeps the metabolism rate up.

That's not all. I also managed to bake a cake! Not just any cake. A chocolate fudge cake! I may have cheated a little with the ingredients (if I can't bake a decent cake from an instant cake mixture, then I'm not destined to bake anything), but the cake turned out thick, rich and full of chocolaty goodness!

I gave away some of my cooking and baking experiments to some people. I don't really care what they think of it. The point is, I tried and I wasn't afraid to share my success (or failure) with anyone.

Feeling all domestic high, I set out to beautify the flat with some potted plants. I like functional plants. What am I saying?! Of course all plants are functional! They are our oxygen factory after all! I meant, I like plants that produce something that I can use or eat.

So I bought lime, "limau kaffir", basil, mint, "cili padi" and coriander plants! I couldn't resist the gorgeous orchids in bloom. So I bought a white phalaenopsis orchid for the indoors too! If all these plants can last a week, I will be extremely happy.

Isn't it gorgeous??? So pure and virginal!

Next, I'm going to get myself a pet! A cute bowl of fish on the dining table perhaps? Or a furry friend to cuddle up to?


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