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Tuesday, July 01, 2008 @ 11:44 pm

Dear Blogger,

Angelina Jolie has done the impossible. She has achieved supernova hotness in "Wanted". She was so hot that if I was a man, I'd ejaculate in my pants every time she appeared on screen.

Is she even for real? She cannot be that genetically perfect! Can she? Damn! I want to be like her!

Just watching her do what she does best, i.e. kicking arses, was worth the $6.50 movie ticket. Can't say the same about the movie. It did have some mind-numbing action. Literally mind-numbing. The action sequences were so unbelievable that it was well... unbelievable!

I'm still not sure of the story line. Something about a fraternity of assassins and double crosses. Just watch it for the action and Ms Jolie's sex appeal.

I wasn't comfortable with the excess violence though. I am still disturbed by how James McAvoy character, Wesley, used rats as bombs. This movie sure isn't going to get any support from the animal-rights group.

I thought James McAvoy's geeky Wesley balanced Ms Jolie's sexiness very well. This guy is sure everywhere these days isn't he? First as the fawn Mr Tumnus in "Chronicles of Narnia". Then in this year's Best Picture Oscar winner "Atonement". I last saw him in a trailer of "Penelope"!

James McAvoy has both brains and...

body! Check that out!

"Wanted" reminded me of AXN's "Chuck". Both have insignificant geeky guys. Both have superhot babes kicking arses. And both have plenty of action!

But you know, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that this movie was "Mr and Mrs Pitt... oops! Smith Part II". Granted that Ms Jolie didn't say much in this movie and she didn't have any issues to seek therapy for.


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