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Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 8:29 am

Dear Blogger,

Is there something happening in Singapore? I keep hearing whispers of the "Great Singapore Sale", but what "Great Singapore Sale"??? Granted, I have not been to Orchard Road lately. Still, from what I have seen in my friendly but constantly superbusy heartland mall, there isn't much of a "Great Singapore Sale" at all!

Not that I was out shopping for clothes or shoes (athough I would love to). I find it more gratifying to shop for groceries these days. I was doing "consumer research" on electrical appliances. Yes... I was out checking the best prices and best stores to make such purchases.

And I found my dream refrigerator! Although Ipy gave me a budget of $700 for a refrigerator, the ones that were within that budget didn't look like they were worth the price! They did not appeal to me at all.

But this one... the Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator (NR-B403V-S6) is a dream! It was retailing at $1,099 at both Best Denki and Courts. I know it's $300 above his budget. Still... considering the energy-saving factor and the 3 ticks awarded by Green Label, I believe it's worth the one-time cost. Besides, it has ample space for storage and it looks fabulous!

The Panasonic Inverter Refrigerator (NR-B403V-S6)

Considering that Ipy's job is an environmentalist nightmare, I don't think it's too much to ask to lead a green lifestyle right? The fact that I opted to not install any air conditioning unit at home is another consolation.

Anyway, after going round the major home electronic and electrical stores, I found that the store which offered the best deals and best prices is just a 5-minute walk from my home. The Harvey Norman Clearance Centre sells its products generally $100 lesser than the other stores. And they include the free stuff too!

If I have to compromise, I would rather have these appliances than go on a 2-week honeymoon in Egypt. It's not like I'll be able to enjoy my honeymoon anyway. I'll most probably be having my period then. So what's a honeymoon when you can't make out with your newlywed husband?

After the refrigerator, and the washer of course, it'll be the Samsung 46" full HD LCD panel, with the Home Theater System. Ipy may not be at home much to enjoy these things. But I will!

You know, I think he's lucky that I'm not asking for clothes, shoes or even jewellery. I'm not even aroused by them anymore!

All that walking and window-shopping is good for my weight-loss programme. I've been diligently waking up before 6 a.m. to run at least 2 km round the block. I've also forced myself to be stricter in my food intake journaling.

The results have been encouraging. Thank God! I've lost close to 3 kg in 5 days. It's quite a challenge, and if I keep this up, I'll be able to slide back into my acceptable BMI range before the pre-wedding outdoor photography shoot.

Gardenia Walnut Country Loaf - my new favourite bread. One slice, and you're full for the next 4 hours.


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