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Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

Dear Blogger,

I still can't believe I attended a wedding on my own. A student of mine had invited me, even though I don't know the bride and groom. So, I felt obliged to attend.

It was a very fast affair. Within 10 minutes, I did what was necessary. I even managed a bite to eat! I said a bite because the event had ran out of dishes when I arrived. It was only 3 p.m.

I also managed to catch the bride and groom at the dais. A Malay girl wedded to an Indian Muslim boy. I was told that the bride requested $10,000 as her dowry. Fortunately, the boy had some pretty rich uncles.

Dowries make me sick! I didn't ask for any dowry. Nor did I allow my parents to request for one. A dowry was set only because his father wanted to give one.

So I set it at $8,000 because I like the number 8. That's quite a bargain basement rate if you think about it. Actually I like the number 28 more, but I couldn't set it at $28,000 could I? It'll just crush my beliefs into oblivion.

Anyway, back to that wedding. This was one of those combined wedding held at a community centre. These people just never learned do they?

Luckily, the auntie of the groom was a good hostess. She made sure I got a seat and ate something. She even brought me a drink! Indians are really huge on weddings aren't they?

Never ever cater a buffet for a wedding, especially at an enclosed place. That whole notion of it being cost-saving is a myth! Server-style is better I think. Slightly costly but every guest gets a fair share of the dishes, and no one is hurried to relieve his seat.

Maybe I'm just too critical for something that I'm not experienced at. Still, I've yet to attend a wedding that has blown me over.

Since I only managed to grab a bite at the wedding, I went early to the airport for dinner. I had Caesar's salad at Bill Bentley Pub. It came in a huge serving, and I really meant HUGE! It made me wonder why called it an appetiser when it could really be the main course?

Yummy Caesar's salad (half of the plate has already been eaten)

Many dining establishments in fact, serve their appetisers in huge portions. So there was really no reason to order a main course! No wonder dining out has proved detrimental to the waist line. Blame it on the Americans?

I'm not a wine enthusiast, but I must say that the salad did go well with white wine. Buffalo wings however, went well with an ice-cold draft of beer. That with a good screening of "300". Hey! I was killing time! Ipy's flight was delayed by a full 10 minutes!

View of Changi Airport Terminal 1 from Bill Bentley Pub on the 3rd floor

Feeling so much better and cheerier, Ipy and I headed out to Downtown East to catch "Kung Fu Panda". I've been wanting to watch this movie so much. Ipy just had to leave a few days before it opened. I had resisted the urge to just watch it myself. I think I'll do just that with "The Incredible Hulk".

Look at how much we've both grown!

Mmmm... Delicious!

I want a panda! I want a panda! I used to have a panda soft toy when I was 5 years old. It was my first soft toy. I brought it everywhere I went. It actually replaced my little baby pillow for awhile. Then, I threw up all over it in a bout of food poisoning. I have not seen that panda since.

The lovable Po in Kung Fu Panda

You know, every time I look at Po, that tummy of his reminds me so much of Ipy. I swear to God! Those two are so alike! That scene where Po tried to get out of bed in the morning... That was so Ipy! It is always very tricky trying to get him up in the morning. That guy can just lie there for hours!

Ipy's favourite animal is Garfield! That tells you so much about him.


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