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Monday, June 30, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

Dear Blogger,

I signed up for a social dance course at my nearest Community Club this morning. I hoped to finally be able to dance a decent step of Cha Cha Cha and Rock and Roll. I don't expect to be in the standards of "Step Up" or "Take The Lead" or whatever dearth of formulaic dance movies shoved to our faces recently.

I've been wanting to take up dance classes for awhile, especially Latin dances. Have I told you I'm intimidated by Salsa? I decided to sign up for one now because it really is pointless for me to wait for a dance partner to magically appear.

I guess, waiting for that right moment, is really stupid. God knows what I could have done many years ago if I had just done what I wanted to do. Like rock-climbing, or ice skating. Most of the time, I resisted because I didn't have anybody to do these activities with.

After 2 or 3 boyfriends and countless flings, they have assured me that men are really worthless. Companionship is also over-rated. I am better off listening to my gut and just seize the day. Why wait? I'll be disappointed in the end if I do.

The men in my life were merely accessories. They were hardly around! Just like Fergie sang in "Labels Or Love", "I be looking for labels, I ain't looking for love/Relationships are often so hard to tame/A Prada dress has never broken my heart before". Of course I don't own anything remotely Prada-ish, but Fergie has got something there.

Why bother commit when your man comes and goes? No more starving yourself just to fit into a wedding gown. No more pretending to laugh at his lame jokes. Best of all, no more having to put up with his farts in public.

Is it me or has TV become even more lame? What the hell is Mediacorp doing bringing more mind-numbing shows to our homes? I just caught the trailer for "Don't Forget The Lyrics" or something like that. It looked like a karaoke contest, and Mediacorp's making a local version of it. Aarrgghhh!!!

What happened to good, intelligent family entertainment? Even MTV is no longer MTV (Music TV). Every time I turned on MTV, it has some supposed "reality show" on. Reality my arse! The only thing that's real about those shows is the bullshit.

Is this what we are paying TV and radio license for??? If I really wanted to watch crap, I'd watch the faeces squeezed out of my anus.


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