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Sunday, June 29, 2008 @ 9:26 pm

Dear Blogger,

I attended my second wedding of the month, and fourth wedding of the year. These are more weddings than I have ever attended in my entire adult life!

I wasn't even invited to this one! My mother needed someone to drive her to the venue, which was in an obscure part of Marsiling. It was really obscure. I drove round Marsiling twice!

Anyway, I really didn't want to do anything today, except download more "Blackadder" and "Bleach" to my PSP. At most, I'd drag my butt to the Toys and Comics Convention at Suntec. Besides, I was really lazy to fetch the car!

But mother looked so sad. I'm still not sure if she was sad that her beloved sons were not around for her, or if it was because she had to forgo the wedding invite. So I gave in. It gave me the chance to check out the International Furniture Centre at Sungei Kadut Loop anyway.

You know, the more weddings I attend, the more pretentious the wedding couples become. This one had a live orchestra! And it was quite good! It even made me a little jealous that I won't have a live band or performers.

There was also a "kuda kepang" performance, which I didn't quite fancy. The live orchestra had already blown me over. The buffet spread was above average. It probably cost the couple $18 per head. I got to taste all of the buffet spread this time round. Including desserts! In peace!

Now, if only they had chosen sit-down meals with servers instead of a buffet spread. I think that would have been a thumbs up in my books. If I had known the wedding couple, it would have been two thumbs up!

We didn't stay long of course. Actually, it was already quite long for me. I was eager to get to the International Furniture Centre before the day got too late. Also, I only had a vague idea where Sungei Kadut was. So the extra time to look for it would have been helpful.

And got lost we did! I knew it was somewhere near Kranji, but instead of Sungei Kadut, I got Sungei Buloh. I ended up all the way at Jalan Bahar. The drive wasn't all that bad. I got to see parts of Singapore which I thought had long extinct!

I had never seen so many farms and long winding roads till this afternoon! I even drove past the national cemeteries! Considering that I had used up a substantial amount of petrol in my quest to find the International Furniture Centre, I shouldn't be so thrilled at being lost.

After 45 minutes and twice round the BKE and KJE, I finally found Sungei Kadut. And that damn building is in all the way to the end of Sungei Kadut!

The International Furniture Centre

The tour of forgotten Singapore land was worth it! I took an instant liking to this Centre. It housed several furniture retailers, much like The Furniture Mall and IMM. However, I've read that the products sold here were slightly cheaper than in the other outlets the retailers might have.

I already knew what I wanted to buy, if available. I found a TV console I was looking for at the budget I've assigned myself. At $500 flat including delivery, I thought it was a good deal. Mother thought so too.

She couldn't resist herself. She invested $300 on four dining chairs, including delivery. I resisted the temptation to purchase a dining table and chairs set, even though they all looked good and they were all priced reasonably affordably.

I found this awesome looking magazines/newspaper holder that doubled as a side table at a Barang Barang-lookalike shop. Guess how much it cost? $79! I handed my credit card to the sales guy immediately.

Then I saw a dresser table which had a secret vanity mirror in it at another retailer. At only $300, plus delivery, I am now its new proud owner.

Furniture shopping has never been this much fun! This is so much better than clothes shopping. If only the building has lightings and lamps retailers. I need to hunt for one more lighting. And a study table. And a refrigerator. And...


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