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Saturday, June 28, 2008 @ 10:41 pm

Dear Blogger,

I attended Floetry at The Arts House earlier. I didn't know this event had been around since February this year. Tonight's session was the second last one of the year. The last session will be on the last Saturday of July.

Floetry in session. The host was snooze-worthy talkative though.

Floetry is basically a meeting of local hip hop talent waxing, you guessed it, poetry. Now, when I first read about this event in IS magazine (I should really read this weekly magazine more often), I sort of expected real talent and real poetry.

An eye-catchy centrepiece at the bar

Books for the artistically-inclined at the bar

Not that these hip hop kids didn't have any talent. Yes, they were really kids. As young as upper secondary school students. They are the ones you see leeching at McDonald's or if they are older, they'd be common sight at Dbl O or Smoove@MOS.

I don't think I'm being discriminating. I am growing older after all. Can't understand the generation after me sometimes. Anyway, I was disappointed with this event. I couldn't relate to whatever poetry they were trying to convey. Maybe if I were younger or really into Diddy, Fiddy (that's 50 Cent) or Jay-Z, I might be able to connect.

I wonder what went through their brains...

I left half an hour after the event started. I tried to be tolerant but more and more kids dressed to look older came in. So I had to bail out. I know one thing is for sure though. Some of the kids were jealous that I could order wine.

Silk bag and Cabernet Sauvignon blanc

Don't let that pale complexion fool you. I was red as a lobster an hour later. A glass of Sauvignon can do that to some people.

As I walked along Singapore river, I saw many couples just having a good time together. I also saw couples in their wedding outfits photographing their special moments with the romantic lighted facade of the Fullerton Hotel as their backdrop.

Then I wondered. How come Ipy and I have never strolled along the Singapore River at night? We never dine there nor attend an SSO concert at the nearby Victoria Concert Hall. All we did was watch movie or dine at nearby heartland shopping malls.

I think I know why. He drove most of the time. So 30% of our brainpower when we were outdoors, was spent on thinking of places with accessible and affordable parking. Come to think of it now, that was kind of shitty.


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