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Friday, June 20, 2008 @ 10:47 pm

Dear Blogger,

The full moon looked so melancholic tonight. It seemed so... sad. Do you think it is sad for me? I do feel... I don't know what is the word to describe it. It is not sadness. It's a feeling of resignation. I guess that is the word for it. I feel resigned to the disappointments around me.

The situation at home isn't getting any better. My brothers are, simply said, hopeless. They are not bothered either. As long as my mother is around to clean up their shit, they are not bothered.

I was upset with my youngest brother for not paying the bill for his "GossipChat" calls. Those 1900 calls are downright money-grabbing swindlers. I don't know what thrill he gets from these calls.

The common home phone was strictly for toll-free calls only. Local outgoing and incoming toll-free calls are not chargeable for this Starhub Digital Voice Home service.

I have told everyone that repeatedly. Still, the same culprit does it again! The last time that happened, he racked up calls over $1,000! The line was deactivated for outstanding bills.

After 5 months, I decided to activate the line again. I couldn't do it. I had to register for it again. The only reason I invested $40++ registration fees for this service was so that I could save on my mobile phone bills. And it has worked!

But it looks like he's doing it again. I couldn't rant at him because for some fate-related reason, our paths have not crossed in the last few days. Heaven has some wicked sense of humor, hasn't it?

I just don't get it! Last month, he spent $10++ for a 20 minute chat. This month, another $10++. He hasn't even paid for last month's bill! What the hell is he waiting for??? Another $1,000 bill???

Big sister is not going to do anything about it this time. I am sick and tired of always bailing them out! When there are no food on the table, none of these boys helped to buy groceries. When one of them had to go to court for a stupid offence, I had to dig up $3,000 for his bail.

They are just downright ridiculous! Still, mother loves them to pieces! This isn't unconditional love. This is blind love! I hate penises right now. Selfish, self-centred buffoons!


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