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Thursday, June 19, 2008 @ 2:20 pm

Dear Blogger,

Did I ever stop to make you smile
When your day was hard or your road was long?
When your light stopped shining for a while,
Did I sing for you a happy song?

Did I ever try to make you laugh
When your eyes held tears and you couldn’t speak?
When your world seemed almost torn in half,
Did I hold your hand or kiss your cheek?

Did I ever pause to hear your voice
When you needed just a moment’s ear?
When you’d lost your way or missed a choice,
Did I let you know that I was near?

Did I ever stop to say I care
When I didn’t seek to hear it too?
When you weren’t so sure that I’d be there,
Did I ever show my love for you?

(Source: RHL School)

I wished someone had recited this poem to me... Nobody normal does poetry anymore. Sigh...

What happened to secret crush notes that we sent to radio stations for late night music dedications? What happened to "Roses are red/Violets are blue/Sugar is sweet/So are you"? Doesn't anybody ever stop to indulge in little things like these anymore?

I think Singaporeans are way too caught up in the nitty gritty of life until they have forgotten that there is such a thing called LIFE. Sure, prices of everything have gone up. Latest being the ERP gantries and rates, which I think will be a backfired effort by LTA eventually.

Anyway, let us not forget to smell the roses, or coffee, or whatever that keeps one going. By the way, I miss my coffee breaks, where people-watching on a weekday complemented the comforting aroma of a hot cup of java. I think I shall gratify myself in such pleasures tomorrow.

What would keep me waking up to a good day is an SMS sent with love.

"Good morning my love! Rise and shine! xxx"

"Wake up wake up sayang! Have a wonderful day! :)"

Messages like these not just bring a smile to my weary face in the morning, they let me know that I am loved by somebody. Isn't that just grand?

Of course, all that happen only in an ideal world or when one is still high on the love drug. When you have been a couple over six months, both parties become complacent. Practicality takes priority over romanticism, which in effect, becomes the beginning of the end. Then, we are left wondering what went wrong.

How tragic.


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