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Tuesday, June 10, 2008 @ 6:00 pm

Dear Blogger,

The cards are so pretty!!! Metallic silver hot-stamped letterings all round, with matching silver envelopes. I was almost afraid that the printer would get some detail wrong. Thank God that didn't happen!

Too bad I have to give them away to people who would discard them right after the event...

Now Ipy and I really have to get down to the guest lists. On his side, I believe he is more or less settled. It's my side that's a pain in my arse.

To be more specific, it's mother's side that's a pain in my arse. She has so many family members that I don't know who are related by blood and who are related by association!

Knowing a typical Javanese family, everyone expects to be invited. Doesn't matter if they deserved to or not. Of course I won't let that happen. We can only feed 200 guests. Seriously.

Daddy's side is easy. I don't know much about Bugis culture, but my paternal Bugis side of the family is not as "rowdy" as my maternal side. Basically, every one of my paternal aunts and uncles keep to themselves, and I prefer it that way.


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