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Sunday, May 25, 2008 @ 7:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

Spending 48 hours in our new home was one of the most stress-free moments I have enjoyed since I've met Ipy. Just being enclaved in that spacious flat, away from my family and the rest of the world, was a welcome respite.

We may not have any furnitures or appliances yet, but a couple of mattresses, pillows and a radio was good enough for me. Ipy brought in a small TV and bought an inexpensive DVD player afterwards.

Renovations have not started yet, and we're awfully excited about it. Our first home. Just us. Ipy was worried about me staying alone in such a big house when he's away. I didn't see any problem with it, as long as I'm away from the madness that is my family.

If only I can get away from the wedding too. Why can't I get married on my own? Why do I need to be "given" away? A man can get away with it, but not a woman. Not even when a woman has been abused in any way.

I know the rules were set by God, but men have abused His laws for over 1400 years, so what's a little flexibility or modification to the laws to fit modern times? Sigh... I feel like I'm fighting in a losing battle over this.

I just want to get away from it all. I just want this wedding to be over as soon as possible. I don't even care if people don't turn up at all! Even if my family members decide to wash their hands over me, it won't rain on my parade. I'll be happier without people like that in my life.

Ipy doing a Zoolander at Margarita's

It only felt like yesterday that Ipy had returned home from Australia, and he's flying off again. He's leaving me to settle matters again. This had better be over before I finally lose my mind.

Kahlua tiramisu at Margarita's

Virgin colada and pina colada at Margarita's


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