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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 11:12 pm

Dear Blogger,

Painting work has started. The stench of turpentine still lingers in my nostril. How exciting! All the room lights have finally been delivered. This was after I had scolded the shopkeeper upside down for not adhering to the agreed delivery time yesterday. The lights aren't cheap you know!

After the painting work is done, we'll do more furniture shopping. Our bed is coming in next month. That is something to die for! The bed and mattress alone cost as much as my engagement ring! But we know it'll be worth it.

Even the TV didn't cost that much! I haven't really decided on a 40" or 46" LCD panel. My heart's calling out for the 46" but if I really want a fully equipped kitchen, I should really compromise to a 40" panel.

The invitation cards are ready to be printed. I'm really not too thrilled about it, because once the cards are ready, we have no choice but to really sit down and settle the guest list. That's like a pain in the arse task.

A breaking news... Because of Malaysia's incompetence, foreign-registered vehicles are banned from buying fuel within 50km radius of Malaysian borders. Namely, JB and Perlis. There goes my bi-monthly JB trips.

One can't help but wonder, what is JB without Singaporean consumers? Nearly three-quarters of the petrol stations' businesses are from Singapore cars! So with this ban, what will it mean to these businesses?

I don't understand why put out a blanket ban when the issue was about abuse of fuel subsidies in Malaysia. I may be wrong. Who really knows what goes on in Malaysian politics anyway!

If fuel subsidies were the issue, why not just remove the subsidies at these borders? Foreigners will still be able to enjoy the low cost of fuel in Malaysia because of currency differences. As of now, Singapore dollar is worth more than twice of Malaysian ringgit.

The Johorians will still benefit from our spending power. So it could have been a win-win situation! Of course, my understanding of the financial markets may be wrong.

Fuel price is up. Food price is up. Cost of living is up. Everything is going up at an alarming rate, except salaries. That's... life.


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