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Sunday, May 11, 2008 @ 11:04 pm

Dear Blogger,

It's the over-commercialised Mother's Day again, where every store has some misleading "Mother's Day" promotion going on. Today was not a day for window shopping.

Like most of these celebrations, they started with good intentions. Mother's Day was initiated to commemorate the hard work mothers put in for the care of her family, day in day out, 24/7.

If you ask me, if Hallmark or the Ministry of Community Development (or whichever ministry that's responsible for the family campaign) really wants to reward mothers, it should start paying mothers wages and grant benefits, just like any diligent manpower.

Unfortunately, mothers are not nationally recognised as economic contributors. Which is a fallacy, considering that mothers are the ones who give birth to the country's next generation of human labour. I would like to see men doing that!

Is there even a choice to be a part-time mother? I don't know how is that possible. When you give birth to a child, aren't you automatically a full-time mother? Of course one can choose to abandon or disown a child, but for most mothers, can they be part-time mothers?

I can choose to not be a mother but isn't being a mother one of the rites of passage of a woman? I guess I'm fortunate enough to be able to have choices. I'm enjoying an upper middle-class lifestyle. I'm surrounded by youthful energy all the time, which by the way, is the elixir for eternal youth.

So if people want to ridicule me for wanting to be a hands-on mother, then that's not my problem. Unlike them, I can shop and dine anytime of the week, and I don't get stressed out by tragedies like office politics.

So for Mother's Day, to show my recognition and at the same time, not get sucked into this commercialism, my sister and I bought mommy a cake. I also bought groceries!

Dark Chocolate Truffle from The Royals

After a whole day lazing in front of the TV, we went to Beach Road to suck on bones and marrow. Sup tulang may be high in calories and cholesterol, but they sure are damn good! France has escargots, Philippines has balut, and Scotland has haggis. Singapore has sup tulang!


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