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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 @ 11:48 pm

Dear Blogger,

I wish it would rain. I've never experienced this much heat in Singapore before. The effects of global warming I guess. The more reason we should all be environmentally conscious and active now.

I also wish that the Malay society here would change its daydreaming mindset and just get off its buttocks already! One just have to sit at a coffeeshop for an hour and he can hear all sorts of whining going on. Some of them incredulous and some are just plain cringe-worthy.

I'm not Malay-phobic. It's just that some of the things that Malays here do, make me sick to the core. Things like their spending habits and contradicting religious practices are not just seeds for my alienation towards these people, they are also causes for concerns!

"Can't afford to buy a gold necklace? Don't worry. Just put a mortgage on your house!" Now what kind of logic is that???

"0% interest???" Then why does the product cost more after 12 months of installments?

"Zero downpayment" sounds like a buyer's dream doesn't it? If one can't afford a downpayment, how in the world is he going to afford paying for the product at all???

Marriage... Wedding... Household... A wife's role... Spare me the sermons! I am dreading the compulsory marriage preparation course, even though it's only in August. And must it be held in a mosque? Not that I have anything against mosques. I just think that a religious setting impedes an open forum to women.

I really don't understand why everything Malay has to have religion integrated. Has Malay and Islam become so intertwined that something as obviously a culture is mistaken for a religious obligation?

I've always had an identity crisis. In my school uniform days, I wasn't clique-material because I was either Malay or not Malay-attitude enough. Maybe that's why I've always been more comfortable going solo.

Sometimes I wonder, would I have lesser problems now if I had been more of a stereotypical Malay? My mother would probably not throw all sorts of crap at me all these years. Or I'd be married with kids by now!

As u can see, my confidence has been bruised again. The air here is quite stuffy. It is as if a blanket of cynicism has blinded my vision of optimism.

Ipy and I shared a plate of rosti with sour cream and smoked salmon at Marche Vivocity


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