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Thursday, May 08, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

Dear Blogger,

How would you feel if a goods and services vendor ask you if you were sure you wanted to buy a certain product? Ask not once, but 3 times! With a mocking face at that!

That was what happened to me at Cafe Galilee at Bedok Community Library this afternoon. All I wanted was a tall Starbucks Espresso Frappuccino Light Blended. Unfortunately, the whole of Bedok does not have any decent coffee outlet!

I had bought an Ice Latte from Cafe Galilee the day before, but it was very, very disappointing. So, I thought I could settle for an Ice Latte from McCafe instead. But wickedly funny fate brought me back to Cafe Galilee because, just when I wanted to buy coffee from McDonald's, its coffee machine was "under maintenance".

Definitely not My Galilee!

Back to Cafe Galilee. Perhaps I should try its ice blended coffees. Or so I thought. Oh good! It wasn't the same girl who served me the day before. So I ordered an Espresso Vanilla something Ice Blended.

"Are you sure you want the Espresso Vanilla ma'am?" asked the Filipino server.

Blink... blink... blink... "Ye...e...s...," I said. "What's wrong with it? Is it too sweet? I can't take sweet."

"No ma'am. The Espresso Vanilla is not sweet," said the server. "Ermm... are you sure you want the Espresso Vanilla?" she asked again.

"Well... I tried the Ice Latte yesterday. It wasn't very good. I just want an espresso," I reasoned, mostly to myself I think.

"Yes, the ice blended coffees are better. 1 Espresso Vanilla then!" said the server. "Are you sure?" She was starting to annoy me.

"Wait! You are not giving me a favourable look! Please do not make me waste my $5," frustration in my voice already. "You know what? I'll go to Starbucks!" and I left, without any coffee at Bedok.

My sanity savior!

It was just so weird! As a consumer, I have never been served like that. I still couldn't figure out what she was trying to do. If the coffee was really bad, just say so! I would have appreciated her honesty more than these mind games.

I have also thought that perhaps, she didn't know how to make that Espresso Vanilla. So, instead of busting her pride, I think she tried to manipulate me to order something else!


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