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Sunday, May 04, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

Dear Blogger,

For the first time in my 8 years of adult life, I went into Pasar Geylang (Geylang Wet Market). I didn't just pass by it. I went into it!

Today wasn't a good day to visit it. On Sundays, it seems like all of the Singaporean Malay aunties have descended on this poorly ventilated temporary market.

The super hot weather didn't help at all! 10 minutes inside, and I felt like a heat exhaustion is coming over me. Singapore is really getting hotter by the day!

I wouldn't have gone to such a place if mommy hadn't asked me to. Usually, she won't. She just wanted a driver today.

Despite the discomforts, I was quite amazed at the variety of fishes, meats and poultry available. I was even more amazed at how expensive they are!

1kg of tiger prawns at $10??? 1kg of... god knows what fish my mother bought, at $3??? She bought several types of fishes. I really have got to learn the name of these fishes!

That wasn't all. We stopped over at NTUC Fairprice at Singapore Post. That was my idea of going to the market. 1kg of rice cost me about $15! Luckily I don't eat much rice anymore.

I know of one type of fish mommy had bought. It's the one that's fried and eaten with nasi lemak. I suggested that to her because I wanted to try to cook nasi lemak next Sunday. Hopefully, Ipy will be home by then.


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