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Monday, May 05, 2008 @ 10:31 pm

Dear Blogger,

The bus service 969 was really getting to my nerve! Something had to be done about it! I had already written a feedback a few weeks ago about it, but all SMRT could do was trust its commuters to do the "right" thing!

BULLSHIT!!! Singaporeans don't know how to do the "right" thing unless they're told what it is! SMRT buses are already so crappy. I didn't ask for a total overhaul of their buses, although that would have been nice.

What I asked for was for more frequent trips of the service during peak hours! Was that too difficult??? Alternatively, they could have express buses that terminate at Khatib MRT station, since half of the passengers alight there to transfer to the MRT. Was that even more challenging???

I swear I will never take that bus anymore! I shall drive to Yishun instead. Even if I have to take the multiple trips to fetch the car and send it back afterwards! I swear, no more students outside of the east zone after this year. Not even if they sell me their liver!!!

I had to yell at the moronic passengers to get their fat arse to the back of the bus! I had to yell at these same idiotic people to move aside so that I could alight! I had to even yell at the bus driver to open the fucking door!!!

At my fragile state, I can't afford to suffer high blood temperature twice a week! I ended up crying at the bus stop due to all that rage inside me! All this for a bus ride??? Not fucking anymore!!!

And my stupid fiance isn't making any effort to get his big, fat behind home! He said he's homesick. Yet, what the hell has he done??? If he's really serious about wanting to go home, he should have turned the world upside down until he gets what he wants! Must I do everything???

I am THIS close to march into his boss' office, and demand that he get MY FIANCE on the first flight home. I don't fucking care if he had to fly him in a jet or a cargo plane or helicopter!

If Ipy thinks he could test my patience, he's dead wrong! I'm not one to be messed with right now. My patience is super thin, and my blood pressure is close to combustion.


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