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Friday, May 30, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

Dear Blogger,

After analysing my budget, I was awakened by the fact that I had overspent in the last few months. Here I thought that I was being prudent in my spending.

I have not bought anything for myself since I left the retail industry in February, except for a pair of shoes from Charles & Keith. Even then, it was only because my daily, walking shoes had worn out.

The inflation in spending was caused by the increased cost in groceries. Early last year, I used to spend about $50 per week on groceries. Now, the same number of items cost me an average $80 per week! Multiply that by 4 weeks and that's a 60% increase!

I dine out less now. Even when Ipy's around, we try not to dine out so frequently. We've been spending a lot of time at mother's place instead. Can't wait for our kitchen to be functional! When it's ready, I wouldn't want to spend my hard-earned money elsewhere.

I have to cut down on certain indulgences like Starbucks and Haagen Dazs. Which is good anyway, because I am desperate to lose weight fast! The photo shoot is in August. So that gives me less than 2 months to get my weight back into the acceptable BMI range.

I haven't heard from Ipy since Wednesday. He probably couldn't access the internet on the rig. He was told it was only a week's job, but who is he kidding? Men are never on time. They take dates and times for granted sometimes.


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