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Thursday, April 10, 2008 @ 11:48 pm

Dear Blogger,

One of the things in life that really bugs me is inefficiency. I don't know if that was stemmed from my Singaporean upbringing or something that's inert. I'll bet every Singaporean who has travelled overseas has complained of the country's inefficient system.

At home, I'm a real bitch when it comes to efficiency. When I've said it once, twice or three times the most, get it done! Never underestimate preparedness.

I've told Ipy repeatedly to get himself familiarised with internet banking. It's a convenient tool for a couple who does not share accounts in the same bank. I don't understand why he's resistant to such a convenience!

I've already explained why this internet banking will be very useful to him many, many times. This is in anticipation in case I need to put down a deposit on certain wedding matters or home matters when he's out of country. God knows how long he'll be away. I refuse to ask him when he's coming home anymore.

Now that I needed some funds to engage the wedding photographer, I can't do it because SOMEBODY didn't set up the funds transfer account while he was here in Singapore!

His solution was for me to open an account with his bank. Why should I? I could barely maintain the accounts I already have! Then, he thought of opening an account with my bank. I know for sure that he'll end up paying service charges than earning interests.

This photographer issue may seem trivial and it is! But it's like a cherry in this huge cake of inefficiencies! I've always said that I can live without this wedding. Simply because I can't afford to have one!

Every time I'm upset, I shop. If I can't shop, I'm upset. It's a vicious cycle! I'm trying to curb my spending habits, yet, there's always someone or something that upsets me! I'm still upset that the shoes that I wanted to buy from Charles & Keith yesterday didn't have my size. So I bought these shoes instead from Shine.

My new bronze slippers with little wedges

Genting Highlands video Part 4 - Love Boat


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