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Saturday, April 19, 2008 @ 11:23 pm

Dear Blogger,

My restlessness grew intense. So much so that I barely eat anything after breakfast. Not that I wasn't hungry. I couldn't decide what I want to eat. Everything didn't seem tasty or worth eating!

Ipy wasn't much of a help either. He gets annoying by the day! He's like Barney; cute at first, then he gets so blood-rising annoying.

Barney = Ipy in disguise???

I've come to a stage in my relationship that I want to be close, but don't get too close to me. Don't get too far either. More like, keep it at half an arm's length.

If only he wasn't so literal. If only he was smart and sensitive enough to read between the lines. Just because I said "no", it couldn't possibly mean a definite "no". Just because I'm keeping things real doesn't mean that he couldn't make my wildest dreams come true.

I know women are way too sophisticated for most men to understand. Even some of the most intelligent men in the world couldn't hold on to a woman. Just look at Salman Rushdie!

Somehow, the literary genius was able to marry uber-beauty Padma Lakshmi. Yet, the union didn't last. Why? Perhaps, despite his intelligence, he couldn't interpret what Padma was really saying to him over dinner.

Salman Rushdie and ex-wife Padma Lakshmi

I'm tired of telling him what I want and what to do. You want to buy a watch for me? Just buy the damn watch! Surprise me! You don't have to ask me 1001 questions about it!

So I'm feeling frisky tonight. A must-sure way to kill off that mood is for me to literally tell you that I'm feeling frisky. Read the signals! Read the body language! 70% of effective communication is through body language!

Why are some men so... moronic?!

Indulge us man. Indulge!


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