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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 @ 11:40 am

Dear Blogger,

My attempts to get my family to be more active in recycling was a complete failure. This people has no care about saving Mother Earth! I tried to educate them in recycling. It's more than just selling used newspapers to the karang guni man you know.

I've even set up 3 different trash bags for each type of recyclable materials. But at end of the day, I found all sorts of wastes in the trash bags. I am utterly disappointed in my family's ignorance.

Find out more about Recycling @ Home - National Recycling Programme by the National Environment Agency

I've done little things to help save our dying earth. Like, bringing my own shopping bags, reusing printed papers for solving maths problems during tuition, buying products with "Green Labels", among others. Of course, I think my number one contribution in helping the environment is blogging instead of writing on papered journals.

I've told Ipy that our new home will be as environmentally-friendly as possible. That means, we won't be installing any air-conditioners. It bugs me still that I'm marrying someone who digs Mother Earth for oil and natural gas. And yet, he doesn't get any subsidies for petrol!

Also, I'm going to make sure that everybody who stays in that house recycles! We only have one earth. If we don't save it, who will? It's still not too late to do something about it. Every little action to conserve our natural resources counts.


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