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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 @ 8:25 am

Dear Blogger,

I've been so busy making sure that the future turned out as planned, that I've forgotten about the present. With the house keys exchanged and the wedding preparations in their third phase, I've totally disregarded my soon-to-end engagement days! Unforgivable still, I've neglected my fiance!

What brought about this sudden realisation? Last night, before I went to sleep, I browsed through one of the books I've bought at the Books Warehouse Sale. It was "Wedding Zen" by Susan Elia MacNeal. It's first chapter was about engagements.

Then I looked at my $6,000 Tiffany engagement ring. And for a brief moment, I had forgotten what it stood for! I've been wearing the ring everyday on my left ring finger, until it has become an extension of my fingers. But that wasn't what it was supposed to be right?

So today, I'm just going to sit back and soak in the crisp air of the present. I'm going to admire my beautiful diamond ring once more, as if I had received it for the very first time. Oh how I remembered slipping that ring onto my finger last November at Tiffany & Co. The ring actually sang! What a beautiful melody it was...

Also, I am going to desire my fiance like giddy lovebirds that we are, or used to be. What crazy things have we done? Aren't giddy lovebirds supposed to do crazy things? I can't remember! It's sad when the flame of spontaneity has died out.

I have many, many wonderful activities to occupy my time. I have the Genting Highlands videos to edit (yes, there are more). I have my sister's Singapore Youth Festival's Military Band performance video to edit.

Her school was awarded bronze for their efforts. It was the only school to receive bronze. The rest won either silver or gold. I know. It was so heartbreaking. I could hear little hearts breaking way up from the grandstand seats.

Secondary students filled the stadiums to support their military bands on the field

The military bands in attention

I have my pouch to cross-stitch. I have my cushion cover to crochet. I have my bandana to embroider. I've to window shop for a bed frame.

Then, I've to send the fabric I've bought in KL to the tailor. Our beloved government will pay for my "baju kurung" this year (Growth dividends to come in end of this month!). Before that, I'm going to do some "baju kurung" research at the library.


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