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Friday, April 04, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

Dear Blogger,

Ipy and I have finally registered for the marriage preparation course at Kampung Siglap Mosque. Previously, at Arkim, we were told that because of Ipy's previous marital status, we could only register for the course at As-Saalam. I knew that didn't feel right.

Ipy was supposed to settle this, but he had this sudden inspiration to tire his body by jogging and swimming in the last few days. So, I called ROMM aka MCYS and clarified the matter. My gut instinct was right! Only single parents have to attend that course in As-Saalam! Childless folks like us should be eligible to take the course anywhere!

You know, it's all these pre-marriage hassles like these that turn me off from getting married. The marriage preparation course, which I doubt "prepares" anyone for marriages and the wedding which I reiterate, is a serious waste of money. I'm trying very hard to keep the wedding budget under $12,000. I know I've already stepped on so many toes, but shit! It's OUR wedding! Not theirs!

Another thing that really bugs me is my mother's constant pestering for no-need-to-know information from Ipy about me. Certain information is not a right for anybody to know. All her drama of concern about me is just a facade for her insecurities. The root of her interrogation is nothing but money concerns.

We all have our insecurities. But if I let her intimidate me into entirely providing for the family financially, I will never get married! I can't afford to! I'm already up to my nose with financial issues. So would anyone think marriage would be a priority anywhere in my list???

One of the main reasons why marriages fail is family interference. I am very determined not to let that happen. I don't care what anybody, blood-related or not, say about me anymore. If I'm getting married, then I'd better be 110% percent committed to this marriage. Even if that means pushing certain bloodsuckers away from my life.

I have so many grey cells-killing thoughts swimming in my head. Conception has been in my mind often lately. I doubt Ipy could do it. The number of cigarettes he smokes daily could easily kill my ovum a mile off! That guy is worse than a chimney!

He only woke up from his diet of tar and junk food after his medical check-up yesterday. Unfortunately, that medical check-up didn't include any tests on his sperms. If it did, I'll bet the results would make him quit smoking cold turkey!

Salmon on focaccia from The Soup Spoon

Beef goulash from The Soup Spoon

Caesar salad from The Soup Spoon

Caesar salad with salmon from Fish & Co


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