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Saturday, April 12, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

Dear Blogger,

For two Saturdays already, I've tuned in to a comedy series on Suria called "2 x 5 dol". I don't know what that meant. It's a comedy about a young couple's journey to married life.

It's one of those shows that's very stupid, yet people watch it to ridicule its stupidity. I know. Sometimes we viewers tend to overestimate our own intelligence.

Anyway, I shouldn't be watching shows like that. They only emphasise the absurd practices of Malay weddings and marriages. Most of the time, they are male chauvinistic practices.

For example, in tonight's episode, Hairi (the groom-to-be) wanted to break his engagement to Jun (the bride-to-be) unless she dressed modestly and behaved graciously like a proper Muslim wife should.

And Jun changed her wardrobe for him! She even learned to cook for him! I almost gagged on my day-old fish fillet!

If Ipy even make the littlest of request for something similar, I'll be the one who'll break this engagement. Who is he to tell me what I can or cannot do???

Yes, I do agree that one of the husband's role is to guide the wife to the right path. However, this argument is only valid if he's on the right path too!

I have zero tolerance for chauvinists. I don't care if they're able to quote from male-centric religious doctrines. They can lick my shit!

It makes me wonder if this marriage will unveil the real Ipy. Some men reveal a totally different identity after they get married. That young gentleman who pursued you relentlessly last year, has gone. In his place is a caveman who thinks polygamy is a given.


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