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Sunday, March 02, 2008 @ 3:52 pm

Dear Blogger,

What NOT to have at your wedding?
  1. Buffet dishes when your tables and chairs are arranged for sit-down dinners.
  2. Tables and chairs arranged for sit-down dinners when you have invited more guests than what can be accommodated.
  3. Rice and gravy dishes when there aren't enough tables and chairs for the guests.
Imagine my horror when I saw guests spilling out of the multi-purpose hall (it was held at community complex) and eating rice with gravy dishes, while standing outside the hall! I haven't even stepped into the hall, and already I knew what a messed up wedding it was.

It was a combined families wedding, yet, there were only enough tables and chairs for half of the guests! Even when my mother and I managed to get seats, we couldn't eat in peace. Seeing all those guests looking at us with aching longing for seats, was enough for our stomachs to reject our food.

I only had tiny slices of cake and brownie and a drink. My mother got to try the heavier dishes. But she didn't have the chance to try the desserts. That was how nightmarish the logistics were!

I think the bride and groom were too focused on setting up a gorgeous dais and wearing outlandish outfits. They forgot that guests won't care about all those if their stomachs were not generously filled.

My sensitive ears picked up bad reviews left, right and centre. It was enough for me to scrap my wedding plans altogether! Boy aren't we a bitching culture!

It was understandable though. Parking was hard to find. It was raining cats and dogs. Well-dressed guests turn up in droves nevertheless, because they want to be part of the happy event. They don't expect to be eating standing up like some mini-office tea function!

To be fair, if there had been crowd control, the wedding would have turned out lovely. The couple could have assigned ushers. They looked like they have a large family. So they shouldn't have any problems finding ushers at all!

For now, I think it's best that I do not attend any more weddings, except maybe my own. But that's maybe. I really don't know if I can stay composed on that day. I would need to overdose on happy drugs then.


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