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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 @ 5:46 pm

Dear Blogger,

Several things pissed me off today. Seriously pissed me off! I'm a walking time bomb. I can explode in your face anytime.

Firstly, when you tell someone you're going to meet at xyz time, you better as hell meet at xyz time! If you're going to be late, APOLOGISE!!! Don't take tardiness as excusable just because I'm your girlfriend, wife, mother, cousin, friend, mistress of whatever!

Secondly, don't ever hard sell me anything! If I walk into your store, give me breathing space! Don't jump at me like I'm your lunch meat! If I don't know what I want, feel free to entice me with your sales pitch. But if I'm shopping with an agenda, bloody as hell leave me alone! I'll ask you if I need you!

Thirdly, don't design forms asking for information which has no relevance to the purpose! If the course requires that BOTH parties be SINGLE, then don't make us fill up a form asking for "Marital Status: Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed (circle where applicable)".

What has educational background and occupation got to do with a marriage preparation course anyway? Are the authorities that may be, going to segregate us by our academic excellence? Of course not! IT HAS NO RELEVANCE!!!

Lastly, never ever assume what a customer wants! I'm Malay, so automatically I want to enroll in a Malay-speaking course, when I would very much prefer an English-speaking course? Why should the English-version cost $100 more? Will it be conducted by an English native??? I fucking don't believe so!

The service representative had the nerve to ask me why I didn't want to sit in the Malay-speaking course. Why should I??? Why couldn't I choose to be subconsciously "counseled" in marriage preparedness in any language I want???

It's all BULLSHIT!!! This marriage preparedness course is all BULLSHIT!!! If you're not single, you'll have to take different modules. What the fuck for??? It doesn't matter that your partner is single.

I'm not marrying him because his single or a divorced or has a third eye on his forehead! I'm marrying him because we're bloody compatible!

Government's policy my arse! Our grandparents and even parents didn't have to sit for such courses before they got married. They're still married till death did them part!


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