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Saturday, March 15, 2008 @ 10:59 am

Dear Blogger,

Last night, after my trip to the salon, I went to watch a movie with an old friend. We went to Vivocity, but I knew that the chances of getting tickets, let alone good seats, at this late hour was almost impossible. I like to watch movie at Vivocity because it has ample parking space and the seats in the cinema halls are roomy and comfortable.

There were tickets. There were seats, but those seats were in the first two rows only. I didn't want to wait one and half hours just so I have to suffer neck cramps 3 hours after that. Since Vivocity couldn't offer anything else after 10.30p.m., we moved off to Orchard Cineleisure.

After playing merry-go-round at the deplorable public parking across Cineleisure, we managed to get a public lot. That was only after one idiot driver took the lot we were waiting for. I had my warning signal lights on! Without thinking, I gave the moronic driver a honk and up-his-arse finger.

I know it's not written in any driver's manual. But I believe it's common driver's etiquette to know that when a car is waiting by the side and has its signal lights on, it means it's waiting for a parking lot. So when a near parking lot is made available, that car deserves to get it! It's an unwritten queue system for drivers!

Honest to God, I think some Singaporean drivers deserve to have their driver's license revoked. Not only are they bad drivers, they simply have no manners at all! I'm not saying a better driver. I've a confidence issue on slopes, which I'm trying to deal with. Try reversing your car on a slope with manual gear! It'll knock off the wind out of any driver!

Anyway, we managed to get tickets, with good seats, for "10 000 BC". It wasn't my choice of a movie to be charged weekend rates for. Yeah... I paid for the tickets because I get to enjoy 12% card discounts. He paid for the popcorn, nachos, drinks and nuts. So everyone's even. No worries of him pulling any monkey business on me. Men are still men.

Let's see... What can I say about "10 000 BC"? I'm really disappointed with Roland Emmerich. "Independence Day" was blockbuster awesome. "The Day After Tomorrow" was sentimental schmuck in the guise of an action film. "10 000 BC" was as brainless as those men in loin cloth.

The cavemen look has apparently been updated. Cavemen these days now have cool dreadlocks and well-maintained facial hair. Which I guess highlighted the boyish good looks of the lead actor, Steven Strait (who?). Oh wait! Dreadlocks and neat facial hair? Sounds like some people I know!

Steven Strait as D'Leh

The story is about a young hunter, D'Leh (Strait) who had to lead a small group of hunters (that included almost all African tribes. A white man leading a group of black men... hmm...) to the end of the world as they know it, to save his beautiful first love, Evolet.

Camilla Belle as Evolet

A simple story which would have been great, if only Emmerich didn't make the settings so unbelievable. Come on! Who would believe that a ferocious saber-tooth tiger could understand human speak? And that telescopes were already invented for the bad guys to apply their astrological mathematical intelligence? I didn't know men could count back then.

The saber-tooth or spear-tooth tiger which wasn't as fierce as it looked

Granted, the film-makers did say that this movie was meant to be more sci-fi fantasy than historical accuracy. Still, even after shutting down my brain after 10 minutes into the show, I still couldn't deny the imbecilic content of the movie.

I got home about 3 in the morning. Poor Ipy couldn't sleep knowing that his Mrs was still out on the streets in the middle of the night, without him. He wouldn't admit it though. What did he think I would do? Play tongue with another guy in his car? That's just too juvenile.

I became worried too that he's worried about me. We talked on the phone for awhile and did... stuff. That finally got both of us to sleep. He was supposed to be back this weekend. I've cleared my weekend for him, but now, I've got to find things to do without him.


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