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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 @ 9:47 am

Dear Blogger,

I've never been so glad to be home after a holiday. Then again, the KL trip wasn't so much of a holiday. It was more like a trip with an agenda: To SHOP! I've gotten what I came for, and that was it!

I didn't expect to be in the thick of the Malaysian general elections though. I've read and heard about it in the news, but I didn't really bother about it. I couldn't even bother with the elections at home! Besides the big players, I didn't know who's who and the contesting states!

The poor lorry drivers stuck in the jam at Tuas checkpoint at about 8.30p.m. I finally managed to get my passport scanned after 1.5 hours! No thanks to Mas Selamat.

Tip: Avoid checking-in after 9p.m. If you really have to, bring some sort of entertainment, because you'll be stuck at the checkpoints for at least 3 hours!

After 1.5 hours at the checkpoints, I managed to get some sleep in the coach. The coach driver must have driven quite fast, because I reached Puduraya in the estimated 5 hours journey! And this estimated time excluded any traffic jams!

I put up at the Crown Princess Hotel at Jalan Ampang, somewhere along the Embassy Row, with my girlfriend Su. At first, it felt weird not being able to see the Twin Towers from the hotel. I was so used to staying at hotels within 5 minutes walking distance from KLCC. But, a change is sometimes good.

Strangely enough, I seemed to have slept better in the coach than in the hotel room! Maybe it was all that rocking and bumping on the road. I woke up slightly before sunrise, but I didn't feel the need for more sleep.

Next followed one of the greatest moments in my life. I went to the hotel gym to run! I didn't run as much as when I was at home, but at least I didn't neglect my exercise. Even when I was on holiday!

Views of Jalan Ampang from the hotel suite at the crack of dawn

Buffet breakfast at the hotel's restaurant

Me looking all fresh after my wonderful run on the gym's treadmill

Su on the phone with her hubby

We spent hours shopping for gorgeous fabrics at Masjid India. I did all my shopping there. That was my sole purpose for this KL trip! I bought fabrics for my mom, sister and future sisters-in-law. Bought 2 sets for myself. Nothing for the boys. Hmm...

We headed to Bukit Bintang for more shopping and light refreshments. I miss just chilling out at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It feels like it has been ages since I've done that!

Ultimate Blends and Opera (yummy!)

Looking a little tired, but still fresh!

My aching feet needed a much-desired massage

Shopped a bit at the Factory Outlet before my eyes caught the new Pavilion mall across the street. It was like I've died and gone to heaven! At first glance, the building looked so un-Malaysian. It seemed like it had Singaporean shareholders blueprints all over it. The choice of tenants and shiny, brand new maintenance sort of sealed that assumption. Granted I can get the same thrills at Vivocity.

We came across Kenko Foot Reflexology, somewhere on the 5th floor. I've never seen a foot reflexology centre so crowded! Then I realised why. It offered this fish spa therapy that had small fishes eat the dead skin off your feet. It looked interesting, but the crowds put us off. So we opted for the regular feet massage.

Now I had really died and gone to heaven! I'm waiting for Su to send me the photos of the whole experience. Including an aromatherapy massage, it had only cost about RM60! What a steal! Next trip to heaven: A dip at the hotel pool.

I'm in definite need of some sun!

Views from the pool

In the evening, we met up with local friends. We were brought somewhere nearby for dinner. The first restaurant that we went to had a nice vibe. Unfortunately, the service was horrible! I think the crew had worked all night putting up flags of the contesting political parties around town.

The steak on a hot plate I had ordered came too hot and too burnt. I managed to salvage the cauliflower and broccoli though. I couldn't eat anything else, so we demanded that it be returned. We refused to order anymore and didn't pay for that burnt dish.

Good vibe, but bad food

Waiting for our food to be served

We were brought to another restaurant somewhere nearby too. Chestnut or something. It was more of a sports bar cum bistro than a restaurant. By now, the election results were already in full swing. Everywhere, television screens were broadcasting results from different channels.

Who would have thought that four modern young ladies would have a ball of a time with election results as our core subject of conversation? I had to admit, our table did create quite a ruckus with our belly-inducing laughter. This was before we had ordered beers!

At Chestnut, Su's having a hard time thinking what to order (she had fried noodles earlier at the other restaurant)

No one had expected such a massive win for the Opposition. The Malaysians I've spoken to (including the taxi and coach drivers) wanted only to give the Barisan National a wake-up call. But this historic defeat by the ruling party was unprecedented since Malaysia's independence!

Gosh that was exciting! It's worrying too for us modern women. PAS had won Selangor, which included the federal territory of KL. Does it mean no more happy hours in KL? A bit premature to think that. Still, I think it's a valid cause of concern.

I did miss Ipy throughout this trip. I couldn't call him because my mobile operator didn't allow me to. I could only SMS. Better than nothing! He did call me every now and then, despite knowing the headache my next phone bill will cost me.

Often I had wished he was here with me. It has been quite a while since we've gone on a holiday together. The last being that Fraser's Hill trip. An intimate vacation is definitely overdue!


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