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Thursday, March 13, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

Dear Blogger,

It's a wet, wet Singapore for many, many days now. I've not worn a dry pair of shoes for days! The weatherman said the sun won't come out anytime soon, so the umbrella will have to be our best friend for now.

Talking about umbrella, isn't it odd that there's always someone somewhere who'd break out into that annoying Rihanna song when somebody mentions "umbrella"? Ella... Ella... Eh... Eh...

I couldn't run in the mornings, nor evenings, ever since I returned from KL. The rainy weather has interrupted my exercise routine, and it worries me. I can feel my body becoming lazier and I get easily lethargic without the exercises.

I have dumb bells at home. I could do some body conditioning with those. But nothing beats walking or jogging outdoors. It's the whole fresh air thing you know.

For now, I've resorted to reading, needle crafting and chilling with tea and honey in front of the telly. On lazier days, I'll be online, chatting (or trying to chat) with people from all over the world. It's incredible how much online chats have changed over the years.

These days, 1 out of 2 chatters are what I noticed to be typical Singaporean perverts. They're too cheap to pay for the professionals. Even in sex, we can be so kiasu. Unbelievable!

Chilling in front of my laptop. I've been sitting on this blue office chair since 1996!

Looks like my poor Ipy won't be able to get home this week! Damn those airport workers on strike! I'm terribly love sick...


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