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Saturday, March 22, 2008 @ 11:45 pm

Dear Blogger,

I'm not sure what's going on with the weather. I know La Nina has something to do with it. One minute it's sunny. The next minute, it's a downpour! We're advised to bring our umbrellas all the time, but sometimes, the bag you carry just won't allow you too.

View of the cars coming into Singapore Expo in the pouring rain

This week, my favourite playground is the Singapore Expo. It had a chock-full of events spread across the massive compound. There was the Books Warehouse Sale. There was the Halal 2008 expo. There was the Living Home something something. And there was the Baby Festival something. I actually wanted to go to the Baby Festival, but it had already closed when we got round to it.

Waiting for my coffee and cake

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's pistachio coffee cake

Latte for Ipy and Ultimate mocha for me

In fact, I've already been to the Books Warehouse Sale and Halal 2008 expo on Thursday. I've spent quite a bundle on books then. Today, I brought home more books. My sweet, sweet Ipy paid for them. He bought 2 cooking books by Zarina. He likes cooking books.

Books from the Books Warehouse Sale (I'm into self-help books)

We skipped the Halal 2008 expo because it was too crowded. Besides, there wasn't much of a "sale" the first time we visited it. We went into the Living Home something, with the sole intention of clarifying the technical details of an air-con set installation. Ipy ended up buying a $4,000 Dunlopillo mattress for us.

By the love, I love testing mattresses! Who knew that buying mattresses could be so much fun??? The best way and most recommended way to test them is to lie on them like you would naturally. So for an hour or so, I was either comfortably curled up or rolling onto each of the four corners of different beds.

Next, it was dinner at Simpang Bedok, another favourite playground of ours. There was no movie tonight though. It was football, football, football in all the screens. I guess everyone's building up to tomorrow's Super Sunday matches.

Spize at Simpang Bedok

The local and western menus

Hotplate tofu with fresh mushrooms

Ipy taking a bite of the seafood aglio olio

Came across 2 sets of Ipy's relatives on the way to our table and while dining. I couldn't help wondering if they're puzzled at Ipy's choice of Mrs. They're probably asking themselves if this youthful Chinese-looking girl wearing shorts was really going to marry their nephew. Apparently, his ex-Mrs was conservative-looking.


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