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Friday, March 14, 2008 @ 11:32 am

Dear Blogger,

I'm concerned about the state of humanity when reading the papers today. Why are gender and race still issues in these progressive times?

They made headlines again when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama contested for the Democratic right to represent in the US Presidential elections.

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the Ohio debate

Then, there was the just due Malaysian general election, in which the loosely-formed Opposition won over two-thirds of the votes.

Opposition mastermind, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim with wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail

In the Today paper today, there was an article on whether Singapore will ever have a woman prime minister. I don't know why that is an issue. If we elect a woman PM, does it mean she's more qualified for the post compared to the other candidate, or does it mean she has the balls to contest for the post because she's a woman?

I wouldn't want to vote for a national leader simply because of the person's gender, race or religion. I want a national leader who can do his or her job well!

Sure, all these issues will still prevail in any discussion. But I think they should be secondary issues, not primary issues! Primary issues should be about economic stability, job availability, affordable housing and all that stuff.

The cool weather has made my hair frizzier than ever!

Enough politics! Today was a pretty relaxed day for me, and I felt like indulging. So after tuition, I caved in to my cravings for sushi. I treated myself to a teatime buffet at Sakae Sushi at Eastpoint.

Different types of sushi for my indulgence at Sakae Sushi

It was all good, but you know me. All of those Japanese treats went down the toilet bowl right after. I don't know why I waste money and food like that.

The complimentary bean curd udon

Then, I finally did what I've been wanting for months! I stepped into my favourite hair salon and had a hair makeover! Voila!

A little bedroom-messy-sexy don't you think?

I couldn't do a bob because of my curly fine hair, but this was close enough. I thought it was a fun and cute hairstyle. The best thing was, this cut shaved off (pun clearly intended) a few years off my face!


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