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Thursday, March 06, 2008 @ 11:23 am

Dear Blogger,

I felt glum this morning because I couldn't run. It had rained heavily. I didn't run yesterday because it rained too. I snacked quite a lot last night, so I really wanted to run this morning. I figured, if I missed my momentum, it'll be harder to get back on track!

Ever since my mom was involved in that accident, I've never seen so many biscuits and crackers at home. She even proudly displayed them all in my IKEA-bought tall cookie jars! So imagine what a wreck those have caused to my diet!

By the way, watching TV does make one gain the kilos!

I haven't packed my luggage yet. It may be just a weekend trip to KL, but I'm a sucker for preparations. Never, ever do things last minute if possible! Murphy's Law will almost, always strike procrastinators.

I've settled on my bridal package. Once Ipy gets home, we'll choose our outfits and he signs off the cheque. So, everything that we needed to book, will be done by end of this month. What's left is the dreaded guest list. I guess we all have to do this once in our lives.

It hasn't occurred to anyone yet that the wedding will NOT be on a weekend, and it will NOT be at our homes. My mom, being the "datin" that she is, gave off this vibe to her relatives, that it'll be at some hotel ballroom. She of course, neither agree nor deny that rumour. I believe that was only because she doesn't know the details. Yet.

I have requested Ipy not to release any details of the wedding until after we're registered. It's not that I don't want my family to get involved. It's because those involvements (or interferences if I want to be nasty), good intentions as they are, are potential break-up factors!

Oh shucks! I've just remembered! We haven't booked our marriage preparation course yet! I really don't see any purpose in attending the course.

Based on the current syllabus covered, it doesn't really provide any useful and relevant information on managing a healthy marriage in this divorce-happy age. I think it's about time that the powers may be update their materials.

The fact that it's deemed compulsory by the marriage authorities makes the course even more of a joke. Can anyone honestly believe that many couples attend the course NOT for the certificate?

Alright. For the sake of my hubby-to-be, I'll keep an open mind about it. I'll conform for just a day.


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