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Saturday, February 02, 2008 @ 11:21 pm

Dear Blogger,

This is the final of our Civic District trail series. Finally!

Me at the national museum lawn

The under-renovation Asian Civilisation Museum at Armenian Street

Ipy at the entrance of the Registries of Civil and Muslim Marriages (ROM & ROMM)

No... It wasn't our time yet to register at ROMM. We were there only because I've never been to ROMM, and since we were in the area, why not? Considering that almost everyone gets married here, you would think that the building would have been well-maintained or at least, up-to-date. It was liked being sucked into twilight zone!

I was pointing to a typical 80s wedding photograph on the poster

A poster of a traditional Malay wedding customs (which I have no affinity for)

Outside the Philatelic Museum (This classic Queen E II post box is still functioning!)

We went into the SCDF Heritage Centre at Hill Street. I believed it was called the Hill Street Fire Station before. I was so looking forward to slide down the pole, but there were no poles to slide.

An old telephone that revolutionised the fire brigade of Singapore

Ipy and I testing out the classic phone

An old fire engine (I've only ever seen this in Mary Poppins!)

I wish I could climb up this ladder, but I couldn't!

Old fire engine...

New fire engine!

Ipy and the nozzles display

A classic fire hydrant

Me trying out the Hazmat suit (and getting wet at the same time)

Monkeying around in the kiddy fireman helmets

Our last stop was dinner at Sakura Thai-Chinese cuisine. It wasn't our first choice, but we didn't want to venture our further or resigned ourselves to fast food. Any restaurants which served broken dishes are definitely not worth patronising a second time.

Me scrutinising the menu at Sakura

Fried kway teow with cockles and claypot beef rice


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