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Sunday, February 10, 2008 @ 7:03 am

Dear Blogger,

One of my all-time favourite activity is to read in the silent comforts of the toilet, while "cleansing" my bowels of the harmful toxins that can eat me up literally and figuratively if I let it build up in my body.

Yes. Reading in the toilet. That's the only place in the house, I've found, to have absolutely no disturbances from whatever and whoever. In fact, I do a lot of my thoughtful reading in there! Best done early in the morning. Healthy mind, healthy body. What a way to start my day!

I'm currently reading "A Woman In Charge" by Carl Bernstein, a biography on the current Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. I feel at this stage, I needed a dose of female strength to inspire me. Who better for me to look up to than the imitable Mrs Hillary Clinton?

She, of the world-famous cuckold wife of a philandering, but charming, former presidential husband. The fact that she's still married to Bill brings suspicions of it being a more political move rather than it has anything to do with love and devotion.

I wanted to be like her once. Well, not her exactly. But emulate her traits! Strong, influential and determined. She's not necessarily likable, just like me. But it's hard to deny the power she has to change the world.

Who knew what she's like in private! She could be this evil witch who brings terror to anyone who'd ever deny her anything she wants. But I doubt she's like that.

Us women should be allowed to be bitches every now and then. How else would we be able to manipulate power then? Men may be the face who manage the kingdom. But it's their women who manage them from the bedrooms!

Yesterday, I accompanied my sister shopping at Tampines Mall. She wanted to buy a new bag for school. She finally got her bag at Ocean Pacific. I got myself some bras and panties from Triumph.

Damn that Deep-V collection is expensive! But I'm sure my breasts would be given some much needed lift and shape in those things. (Hint hint to Ipy! The dark red lacy ones please.)

We shared a seafood platter for one at Fish & Co. My sister was hesitant to share a serving, but I was paying. So she had to comply. Which was a good idea, because I was full after a few bites.

I don't have a big appetite. Yet, I'm still puzzled why I'm not a Small size. I've managed to reduce from a Large to a Medium, so I should be proud of that success. But why oh why is it such a... challenge... to reach my ideal weight?!

Seafood platter for one, pasta and shrimp salad and kola tonic from Fish & Co

I should fall sick more often. That's a sure-fire way to lose weight. For a smart girl, I shouldn't be bothered about body image. I should really practise the belief that inner beauty is all that matters!

What a bunch of crap! I'm not living in an ideal world here. Skinny bodies rule in this mad world! I guess there's a bimbo even in the most intellectual of us.


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