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Saturday, February 23, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

Dear Blogger,

It had been a long day running from one task to another, and one would definitely want and expect to be home to a quiet but comforting environment. Boy was I wrong!

Word had got out about my mother's accident (courtesy of my CNN reporter grandmother I believed). So, while I was busy labouring at work, she was entertaining guests at home since morning.

Fortunately, my future younger sister-in-law came to help. That, I suspect, was at the emphatic requests from my mother. The thing about my sister-in-law is that, she's very obliging. To a point that she's easily bullied. I have to step in last night and advised that, it's alright to say no.

Anyway, when I reached my doorstep, relatives from both sides of the family had already occupied all the seats in the house. As debilitated as I am, I forced a smile on my weary face. Of all relatives, half of them had to be those that I wished had no consanguinity for.

I finally had the tranquility I craved for at almost 1 a.m. I thought they would never leave! I could understand that their sudden reappearance was a show of concern towards my mom. Still, I believe that it's rude to abuse a hostess' hospitality by overstaying their welcome.

Some people have no guests etiquette at all.


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