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Tuesday, February 05, 2008 @ 10:11 am

Dear Blogger,

I woke up at 4 a.m. just to wake Ipy up so that he could be at the airport on time. I had to call him up 3 times before he finally went for a shower! He was leaving for Perth today from the new Terminal 3 airport. It was his first departure there, and it was my first send off there.

Ipy looking dazed (from the lack of sleep) at the new Terminal 3 airport

We have visited Terminal 3 briefly when he returned from India a few weeks ago. Back then, we were amazed at the expanse of the area. Now, we were even more appalled, until I saw the retail space (that will be later)! All this land space just for air travellers???

Photo op while waiting in the check-in queue

After checking-in his luggage, we had breakfast at Wang Cafe, just next to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We couldn't have the half-boiled eggs because its broiler was not functioning. Ipy could never get my coffee order right.

I always order coffee less sweet, which doesn't necessarily mean no sweetener at all. It just means that the coffee doesn't contain sugar but it may have condensed milk or something. He ordered for me a sugarless strong coffee with cream this time round, and that's why I'm blogging instead of returning to my beauty sleep like I had planned to.

Ipy at Wang Cafe

Views from the Wang Cafe

The departure hall

Views of the transit retail mall from the viewing mall

I love the viewing mall! It's so... shiny!

His plane hasn't left yet, and already I've missed him. Maybe that was why I was happily swiping my Visa on purchases I didn't really need but it was something I just had to buy. I didn't really need thank you cards did I???

His stay here seemed so brief. Most likely because we've been busy settling the house purchase and shopping for our wedding outfits. I don't think we've had much quality time for ourselves. I remembered being so tired often at the end of the day.

At least I get to drive his car. A mild consolation I guess. I'd only use it when I'll be out travelling the whole day. That car can set me back about $120 on petrol alone! I knew driving can be costly when I had my car back then, but it wasn't this expensive!

Ipy said he started a blog, but he won't divulge the address. I think he was just pulling my leg because I couldn't find it. If he really did start a blog, then good for him! It'll improve his English proficiency. If he decided to share it with me, may God bless his soul! Otherwise, I wouldn't bother too much about scourging the Internet for it.


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