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Thursday, February 07, 2008 @ 8:21 pm

Dear Blogger,

I was utterly disappointed that I didn't get to complete my fast today. I was this close to complete it till I was struck with head-thumping headache since noon. I had persisted and persisted, until I couldn't take the forehead beating anymore. I was only left with 3 hours more to go.

I don't usually get headaches like these. My only suspect was the incredibly intense heat of the sun today. It wasn't just sunny. It was sickly sunny! It's the type of sunshine that gets trapped within the atmosphere. Is this how greenhouse effect feels like?

I started feeling nauseated, so I swallowed the pills that my doctor gave me the other day. Then, I couldn't remember anything after that. I must have passed out like a well-fed baby.

There was supposed to be dinner at Lau Pa Sat with some friends. But I think, that was scrapped, due to unknown reasons. I'm not going to be bitter about scrapped plans. These people usually never follow through on plans. It has happened too many times before. I'm just going to stay positive, and not let it ruin my already unproductive day.


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