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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 @ 3:07 pm

Dear Blogger,

I finally watched the Mel Gibson-directed "Apocalypto" about a young man's escape from the violent world of the Mayan civilisation. The movie has no professionally-trained actors at all, or at least, actors whom we knew.

I've been wanting to watch this movie when it was first released in the cinemas, and as usual, I ended up postponing watching it till it disappeared from memory. Thank God for DVDs!

I don't know if the language spoken in the film was really Mayan. Who knew and who cared? Maybe the archaeologist and Mayan history buffs would care. It sounded Native Indian though. Then again, aren't they all related?

Besides the use of "authentic" language in the film, the other similarity to Mel's other non-English film, "The Passion Of The Christ", was the intense violence. I must be growing old, because I squirmed at almost every violent scene in the movie. I used to be more tolerant watching decapitated heads and skewered bodies. "Saving Private Ryan" anyone?

No wonder the Mayan civilisation disintegrated from living memory. All those blood streaming down the mighty steps of the archaic temples, was enough to resuscitate the dead bodies strewn all over the footsteps.

Still, who am I to judge? Human sacrifices were their way of life. Who's to say that we are more human than these ancient people when we've had two world wars and several major wars in the last century alone.

I like movies that inspire or motivate me to do something. This movie makes me want to run. Not run in a bad way. Run like Forrest Gump ran. The second half of the movie was where the action was. Basically, it was just a chase. But what a chase it was!

It was heart-pumping and thrilling, and by the end of the movie, I was rooting for the main character to win. It sort of reminded me of "Rambo: First Blood". Both scenes were set in a jungle. Both main leads were running from something. Both leads used their brains to outrun the bad guys.

By the way, the lead actor, Rudy Youngblood, looks uncannily like Ronaldinho. Only without the buck teeth, and more handsome. I wonder if he's going to be in another movie...

Rudy Youngblood as Jaguar Paw

Now, I want to run. Singapore Marathon, here I come!


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