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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 @ 3:39 pm

Dear Blogger,

I felt better today. How can I not be with all those sleep I've taken??? Anyway, I was well enough to return to my morning run again. I didn't run as much though. I didn't want to exert too much pressure on my delicate heart.

I joined the peak morning crowd in the train, to go to Plaza Singapura. I was going to watch "Juno"! I've been reading rave reviews about it, and it got me all excited.

Juno (Ellen Page aka "Kitty" from "X-Men 2" and "X-Men 3") is a precocious teen who's been impregnated by her classmate, Bleeker (the adorably dorky Michael Cera from "Arrested Development"). She couldn't go through an abortion, so she found a deceptively "perfect" suburban couple in Mark and Vanessa (Jason Bateman from "Arrested Development" and Jennifer Garner from "Alias" respectively).

This is definitely not your typical teenage angst or I'm-too-smart-for-adults movie. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but there's just something brilliant about this movie. If you're expecting slapstick comedy, wrong movie. If you're expecting Hollywood-ised indie, wrong movie. "Juno" is in the same class of last year's independent treasure, "Little Miss Sunshine".

Besides the annoying laughter from the girl a few seats away from me and the fact that 90% of the audience couldn't really appreciate its wittiness, I kind of enjoyed this movie. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea.

I don't think it's a date movie either. But, if you're like me, who thinks a lot, and your boyfriend's away, and you want to spend your time wisely, this is a good movie to catch.

I guess I had an affinity for the movie because of its unplanned pregnancy topic. There was something that Vanessa said in the movie, about knowing that she had always meant to be a mother, instantly I knew what she meant!

Even though, Mark opted for a divorce in the end of the movie (he wasn't ready to be a father), Vanessa still chose to adopt Juno's baby and become a single mother. Because that's what she wanted! Oops! Did I just spoil the movie for everyone???

I couldn't help thinking if Ipy was really ready to be a parent. I know I am, but is he? He said he is, but you never know these things. A person could say he loves you, and then leaves the very next minute.

I know I think too much.


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