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Friday, February 29, 2008 @ 10:33 pm

Dear Blogger,

I execrate parents who want to get the best results for their children's education, and yet, never pay the tutors on time! I have to prompt these parents monthly, if not, I won't get paid. There are parents who postpone the lesson so they can slacken payment for another week. I'm not kidding!

You know, it's OK to be honest with me. If one needs to defer payment for a few days because one's salary won't be due till then, or for whatever lame reasons one can think of, I can accept that. Without any grudge! But when one keeps pulling stunts like these, it becomes very vexatious. Infuriating even!

If I have to remind parents every month to pay up, what does it say about them? Irresponsible consumers of service? What about me? Have they thought about how I feel? It's a yucky feeling for me to send reminders to them you know! I feel like a debt collector, or worse, a loanshark!

When you work in a company, you don't remind your boss that pay day's a few days away, do you? You don't go knocking on the Finance Department's door demanding your pay cheque do you? So likewise, why must I, the service provider, send out reminders that tuition fee is due soon???

Besides not getting paid on time, I've been binge eating and throwing up every night this week. It's a psychological retreat for me. To induce vomiting that is.


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