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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 @ 11:48 pm

Dear Blogger,

We've finally watched "National Treasure: Book of Secrets". I had almost watched it on my own, but Ipy begged and begged that I wait for his return. The movie opened on before Christmas Day! Do you know how long that was???

Helen Mirren was such a stealer! She completely stole all the scenes she was in! The rest of the cast from the first movie was in this one too, except for the baddie. So you really don't have to think hard who was who. My knowledge on American history is a little hazy, but at least I do know about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Even if no one outside of America knows, the movie has enough comedy and action to distract the audience.

Helen Mirren as Nicholas Cage's mother

We watched the movie at the earliest slot possible at Vivocity. I think it's always a good idea to watch a movie at a mall when everyone else is a work. It's usually quiet and the satisfaction level is usually higher. I was able to literally recline on a row of seats while watching the movie! The only thing that was missing is a pillow. That would have been perfect!

After the movie, I accompanied Ipy shopping. Yes, I accompanied him shopping! I'm still wondering why it wasn't the other way around. He bought shoes from Ecco and a belt from Tangs. I could understand the belt. He needed one. The one that he used to wear before was hideous! But shoes??? He has more shoes than I could count! Even more than me!

That wasn't all. Just a pair of shoes and a belt cost about three-quarters of my weekend job's salary! Not that I was envious or anything, but did he really need to spend that much? Yeah, I know he can afford it. Still, we can do better by being a little frugal.

Ipy's new Ecco shoes

Ipy already wearing his new shoes outside Sultan Mosque

After afternoon prayers at Sultan Mosque (I can't remember why we were in that area), we headed to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre to check out the bridal boutiques there. It was already after 5pm, but it was a shopping centre right? Who would think that most of the shops would be closed by then???

The bridal boutiques didn't just operate on office hours (or so I thought!), they operated by appointments only! I kept thinking how Malay businesses are supposed to succeed like this. They can't hire assistants to man the shops and take in enquiries??? Thus, we wasted petrol ($2 per litre!!!) and time by going there.


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