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Thursday, January 31, 2008 @ 11:06 pm

Dear Blogger,

There were way too many photographs to load onto one day's post. So I've decided to break them up into series. Ipy and I went to the National Museum today because I wanted to catch the "Greek Masterpieces" exhibition. I knew he was too lazy for such things, but he did it anyway because I asked him to.

We started with coffee and toast at Ya Kun Kaya at The Grand Cathay. I found this tablet right outside the art deco building. Apparently, this building was used by the "Japanese Propaganda Department" during WWII. I never knew that!

Tablet found outside the Grand Cathay housing the Japanese Propaganda Department in Singapore during WWII

Ipy and I at Ya Kun Kaya before we headed down to the National Museum (check out the new bling on my finger!)

Good old breakfast set at Ya Kun Kaya Grand Cathay. The half-boiled eggs were superb!

YMCA at 1 Orchard Road, just next to the National Museum

The not-so-busy streets through SMU campus

This way to the National Museum

The newly-renovated National Museum of Singapore

Entry to the "Greek Masterpieces" at the National Museum is chargeable. Adults pay $8, but it doesn't include entries to the other galleries. If you've never visited the permanent galleries at this museum before, get the package at just $15 per adult. Or you can wait till 6 p.m. to enter the permanent galleries for free.

Moddie, the would-be goddess?

Ipy trying his hand with some hardware installation

"Live" video wall installation at the National Museum


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