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Tuesday, January 29, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

Dear Blogger,

Something funny happened on our way out of the Parkway Parade carpark in the evening. If anyone has ever driven at Parkway Parade, you'd know how dangerous the turns are. The carpark there is not meant for most women or beginner drivers.

Anyway, we were down to the second floor of the two-way carpark when this soda orange Kia Picanto came out of nowhere in front of us! Of course we had to brake! He was in our lane and he's going the other direction! The driver in the other lane couldn't move in his big SUV either. So the traffic was halted for about 10 minutes because of this irresponsible Kia Picanto.

What was funny though, was that this guy didn't know what to do! He wanted to go forward but we couldn't let him. There were already cars queuing up behind us. Besides, he was in the wrong lane and he was supposed to give us way.

So Ipy had to take charge and be the temporary traffic controller. He managed to clear the other lane first. Then another hilarious thing happened. The Kia Picanto didn't know how to reverse and get into his lane! He kept inching forward till I was so damn sure he was going hit our car.

What was so difficult about driving a Kia Picanto? It's a small, cute car! If he was driving a big SUV or a truck, maybe we'd understand the challenges of driving a shift stick. The guy was practically begging us to give him way, but we really couldn't move!

Kia Picanto in soda orange

You should have seen the guy's face. He looked as if his wife was about to give birth. He wasn't a young driver. He looked like he was in his 40s. I didn't think he looked Singaporean either. More like PRC Chinese. Oh well... Only God knows what was going on his head at that moment.

Later in the evening, we had desserts at Spize The Supper Club at Simpang Bedok. I ordered the Fresh Mango with Lychee while Ipy had the Ice Chendol. When we arrived, the big eatery was showing "I Am Legend" on its two flat screen TVs.

For free movies like "I Am Legend", catch it at Spize The Supper Club (food not included)

Considering that the movie was just screened at the cinemas last month, this minor screening was obviously illegal. It didn't matter though because the DVD was pretty good quality (but the often-incorrect subtitles were very annoying). We were lucky that we had arrived when the movie had just started.

We chewed on fried chicken till the end of the movie. We thought Spize had it good with the movie and food combo, only if it wouldn't get caught by the MDA authorities. Last month when we were there, we caught "Die Hard 4.0"!


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